Barnburner Clothbound Cheddar
Crown Finish Caves

Barnburner Clothbound Cheddar

$24.99 per lb

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Crown Finish Caves Barnburner. Thermalized Cow Milk Clothbound Cheddar. Brooklyn, NY. Made by Grafton Village Cheese. Grafton, VT.

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From Crown Finish Cave's website: "The Barnburner is a two-hour cold smoked cheddar unlike anything you’ve had before. Made with un-pasteurized cow’s milk at Grafton Village Cheese Co., Barnburner’s unique format and eye-popping color is sure to stand out. When the cheese arrives at Crown Finish it is bandaged and larded with lard from Marlow & Daughters. We age each block for a minimum of 4 months. The result is a cloth-bound cave aged smoke cheddar that defies categorization."