Monger's Pick - 4 Cheeses

Monger's Pick - 4 Cheeses

$24.00 each

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Monger's Pick - Four Cheeses

Can't decide what you want? Want to discover something new? Let our cheesemongers choose for you.

This includes four cheeses totaling about 12oz, Marcona almonds, and dried figs.

This is recommended for two people (three as a light appetizer). If you are feeding more people, simply select a quantity of 2 to double the amount, 3 to triple it, and so on.

-Bread or crackers are not included. Don't forget to add those to your order if you need them.
-We'll try to make a balanced selection of cheeses with different textures, milk types, and flavor profiles. If you have a GENERAL request (i.e., no blue cheese, all hard cheeses, no goat cheese, nothing too stinky), you may make a note in the comments section at checkout. If you have SPECIFIC cheeses in mind, please order those individually rather than ordering a "Monger's Choice."
-If you have dietary restrictions or food sensitivities, please note that in the comments section at checkout. If you have severe food allergies, please call the store to place your order to ensure that we are able to accomodate.