Tempesta Artisan Salumi


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Tempesta Culatello. Cured pork round. Made in Chicago.

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"Culatello is an achievement reserved for the most skilled salumiere. Originating in the province of Parma in Emilia Romagna, this cut is prized for having the best balance of fat to lean, and best exhibits the quality of pork sourced by the salumeria. Culatello challenges the skills of both the butcher and the salumiere, from properly trimming out each leg to keep the perfect amount of fat, to shaping, seasoning, tying and sealing the casing for months of curing without the protection of skin or sugna (the lard/rice flour/pepper paste used to protect the flesh of prosciutto). We are honored that the Specialty Food Association expert judges awarded our Culatello the best cured meat in America in 2019."