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Door County Creamery Falltum. Raw Goat Milk. Sister Bay, WI.

From the Door County Creamery website: "Our "baby". Falltum is only made with our rich unpasteurized late fall milk. Aged all winter in our "cave" on cedar planks taken from the farm. Over time a dried natural rind forms waiting to be cut into. Tomme is the french word used to describe a smallish, roundish cheese, and is usually combined with the region or farm of origin. In the case of the famous Tomme de Savoie, it means you’re enjoying a raw, cows milk wheel from France’s mountainous eastern region of Savoie in the Rhone Alpes. Playing off this tradition, our Falltum is a tomme that is made from our goats’ rich Fall milk. Fall tomme = Falltum. It has been pressed for a semi-firm texture and aged from 4-12 months which creates its' amazing depth and complexity. Expect a silky texture and a hint of earth with a little bite, along with dried grass aromas from the Fall grazing conditions."

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