About Us



Since 2018, Half-Shepherd has been Normaltown's neighborhood market. We offer cut-to-order cheese and charcuterie, pantry essentials and specialty grocery items, a small but mighty wine selection, and an array of ready-to-eat foods prepared in house. We focus on small, American artsian producers as often as we can, while also showcasing quality ingredients from around the world. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What's with the wacky name?

The shop is named for Kilgore and Wyatt, our beloved dogs. Kilgore was half German Shepherd, half terrier. Wyatt was half German Shepherd, half corgi. Both came to us via Athens Canine Resuce. They were both pretty goofy and a little off-kilter - not unlike our little shop. Coincidentally, there's a shopping district in London called Shepherd Market. We're not named after that, but it has a pretty cool history.

Nice webstore and all, but can I come in to the shop to, you know... shop?

Yes! Take a look at our in-store shopping policies page for information about that.

Are you serving lunch yet? Why not? When will you start again? Also, are you serving lunch?

In short: No. It doesn't make sense for us at the time. Not sure - maybe next month? And, no.

We suspended our lunch service in March. We don't see how we can effectively run a lunch service while also allowing of staff to work at a safe distance from each other. In the meantime, we are offering some ready-to-eat sandwiches and several side items. We do hope to get back to lunch service - we're very proud of our food! But creating a space that is safe to work and shop in is the most important thing for us right now.

I heard y'all do cheese classes and that they are a rollicking good time!

That's not a question, but it is a true statement! Well, mostly true. We have instructor led tastings that explore the history, culture, and production of cheese and charcuterie. And, yes, wine is involved. For obvious reasons, we are not offering our classes at this time. We're hoping to figure out a way to recreate the rollicking good times on this here world wide web. We'll let you know when we get there.

Can we order a cheese and meat tray?

We still offer our cheese trays! Our small trays are good for 10-15 people and include a selection of four cheeses and/or meats. The large trays serve 16-25 people with a selection of five cheeses and/or meats. All trays include crackers, preserves or mustard, Marcona almonds, and dried figs. Find more info HERE.

Can I get a tray for fewer than 10 people?

While we don't have trays that would be suitable for that, we are a cut-to-order shop, we can defintely put together a selection that would be suitable for any size gatherings (even gatherings of one!) that you can take home to plate up yourself. Or, check out our "Monger's Pick" options HERE.

Can I get a charcuterie tray?

You can, but what you'd be asking for is a tray of meats and accompaniments. We definetly do that! They would be available in the same sizes as what is listed above with the same number of items. 'Charcuterie' comes from the French words meaning flesh (chair) and cooked (cuit), and is a general term to descibe all manner of cured, cooked, and otherwise preserved meats. While you might find cheese on a charcuterie board, but the meat should be the star. On a side note, "salumi" is the Italian term broadly emcompassing preserved meats (more literally, 'salted meats'). So, salami is a kind of salumi.